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Your company

Products or services you sell

Your audience and ideal customer

Future of your business and your industry

What product or service will your business provide?

Who are your target customers?

What goals do you have for your company?

Key employees of your business, such as the CEO, President and Vice President Mission statement Details about the products or services your business will provide Qualities that will make your business a success What is your mission statement?

Who are the principal members of your company and what are their roles?

What is the legal structure of your company?

Describe your industry Describe your customers Who are your competitors?

What advantages do you have over your competition?

What regulations apply to your company?

What product or service will your company provide?

Describe your pricing structure In which life cycle stage is your product or service?

What intellectual property rights do you have for your product or service?

What research and development (R&D) activities are you performing or planning?

How your company plans to grow How your company is going to communicate with customers How you will advertise your product or service What is your plan to grow your company?

How will you communicate with your customers? How will you sell your product or service?

This section includes four spreadsheets: Profit and Loss Projection Shows your company's ability to generate a net profit, or your bottom line.

This is also known as an income statement.

Cash Flow Projection Displays the operating, investing, and financing activities of your company by detailing the money coming in to and going out of your business Projected Balance Sheet Estimates resources your business will need, where they will Break Even Analysis Shows when your business will be able to cover all of its expenses and begin making a profit What are the assumptions for your profit and loss spreadsheet?

Profit and Loss assumptions

What are the assumptions for your break-even spreadsheet?

Break Even assumptions

What are the assumptions for your balance sheet spreadsheet?

Balance Sheet assumptions

What are the assumptions for your cash flow spreadsheet?

Cash Flow assumptions Financial Projections -

Profit/Loss Financial Projections -

Cash Flow Financial Projections -

Balance Sheet Financial Projections -

Breakeven Analysis

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First we present our competitors

then we show Our Plans

We shoe the building size

Then we show the areas to be fixed

Then We show the cost to repair

The we show the cost to get open

Then we ask to offer shares in exchange for capital to open.

Then we open and employee people to get open.

Then we start plan B

Add Plan B here and below

Then add Plan c

Then D


F and G